About us

Essentia Live is a platform with a host of initiatives, unique events and experiences from Essentia, with its own projects and content in the tourism, hotel and real estate areas.

In a hyper-connected world where new technologies are advancing, people are the most relevant pieces for success.

Essentia is a consulting company for areas such as, Urban Rehabilitation, Niche Real Estate, Sustainable Hospitality and Tourism, as well as for Culture and Leisure Territory Networks. We were born in 1996. We're a multidisciplinary team, with highly skilled and experienced professionals. We're in the national and international market.

For 23 years, we've been developing a way of work based on the most rigorous requirements and high standards in order to fulfil our clients' endeavours, accompanying them through their projects' every stage, whether in conception, design, management, partnerships and development for its effective completion and occupation.

We work with public institutions on a central administration level, entities regionally decentralised, municipalities and their associations, institutional investors, national and international, private law foundations and associations, charities and business organisations. This vast client portfolio provides us with a global and detailed perspective about the market in which we operate.

The results of a committed work, completely focused on helping the client reaching their goals under a rigorous and demanding culture, our core performance and strategic insight about the sector and the Company's positioning, translates itself not only from our clients' recognition, who have allowed Essentia to develop a sustainable and consistent journey for the past 23 years, but also the several national and international accolades and awards we have received.

We've been valuing the past, innovating the present and creating the future for the last 23 years!

Essentia highlights every new project's unique value, whether it's their heritage, arts and crafts, their customs and traditions, the environment or others. Our main commitment is to preserve each project's soul and ensure their sustainability.

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